Yoga, Pilates and balance challenges: How some NFL players take their training outside the box

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From USA Today

NEW ORLEANS — Dr. Sharif Tabbah’s challenge is to find a way to get Alvin Kamara to fail.

Tabbah goes home at the end of one of his offseason training sessions with the New Orleans Saints’ superstar and gets devious. He schemes up ways to test Kamara’s body on multiple planes — front-to-back, side-to-side with some rotation for good measure. Assault his senses by making the surface unstable or throwing blinders on him, then literally throw things at him while you’re doing this, but don’t just ask him to catch the object, ask him while it’s in flight to catch a certain part of the object. 

This is the benefit of working with one of the world’s top athletes: You get to test the limits of your own creativity, then you get to watch as he masters what seemed impossible at the beginning of the day. 

“He’s always trying to find something (to) stump me, but I get him,” Kamara said.

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