If You’ve Hit a Fat Loss Plateau, a PT Reveals What Could be Pausing Your Progress

From Women's Health

In this week's Sweat & Reset training blog, I hand over to PT Lawrence Price to answer your question: why have I hit a fat loss plateau?

Improving athletic performance and getting lean is an 'adaptation' game - you want the body to adapt to being stronger and more functional by laying down more lean muscle mass while also burning fat.

It can feel frustrating to be training just as consistently as ever, but for your results to level out. Or to use a different phrase, for progress in the gym to hit a plateau.

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There are a number of possible causes for this:

  • Your daily nutrition might not be inline with what your body needs - try following the exact macros for fat loss if you need some help with this
  • You might not be eating enough protein
  • You might not be prioritising recovery or regeneration
  • Your stress might be putting the brakes on weight loss
  • Alcohol may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts
  • Your diet might be lacking in fibre
  • You might not be drinking enough water
  • You might not be as active as you think you are
  • You're relying on the scales when actually, you need to measure your body fat percentage

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