CBD Oils and Depression

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Healing Your Mind: CBD Oil and Depression

Although popular beliefs of the past lead people to think that a serotonin deficiency was always to blame for depression, there are other factors that contribute to it. Inflammation, genetics, stress level, past traumas, social issues, emotional disorders and several other factors can affect depression.

Healing and Treating Depression

SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) are pharmaceuticals that are used to treat the symptoms of depression. They can boost serotonin levels, which may provide some relief to people with depression after a few weeks. However, some people do not see a difference or may feel worse.

The hippocampus is the affected portion of the brain, and it is capable of being healed. This is possible through neurogenesis, which can happen when a substance that stimulates healthy neuron growth is used. While some antidepressants can have this effect, they often come with unpleasant side effects. In some cases, people take additional medications to counteract those unpleasant side effects. Fortunately, there are other lifestyle choices and natural substances that can stimulate neurogenesis.

CBD Stimulates Neuroregeneration

Cannabidiol, which is commonly called CBD, is part of the cannabis plant that does not produce a high feeling. However, it was recently approved by the FDA for medicinal purposes to treat seizures. One of the actions that it demonstrated in rodent studies was hippocampal neuron protection. It reduced neuron death, helped existing neurons survive longer and increased neurogenesis. Also, it has the ability to stimulate anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective compounds. In human studies, people who used THC often demonstrated atrophy of the hippocampus. However, CBD helped reduce that issue.

Humans naturally produce endocannabinoids, which are stimulated by CBD. After the legalization of medical marijuana in certain areas, there was a drop in male suicide rates. In comparison, when a weight loss drug that inhibited endocannabinoid production was released, it was quickly discontinued because of the heightened suicide risk. Since CBD helped relieve depression and anxiety in rats, there are currently clinical studies being conducted to test its effects on humans.

Although many CBD oil users have reported profound and positive effects after using CBD, making a blanket statement that it helps with depression is difficult. It is still being researched, and depression is a complex problem that may have multiple contributing factors. However, the research that has been conducted until this point looks optimistic for most depression sufferers.

The Future of CBD

While it is always wise to consult a personal physician before starting any natural treatment, CBD oil has provided relief to some people who did not get relief from pharmaceuticals. In comparison with SSRIs and other medications, CBD is known for its quick action. Some drugs take weeks or months to show effects, which can feel agonizing for people with depression. In rodent studies, a single dose of CBD showed rapid antidepressant effects. Some people report similar results, which is what experts hope to see in the majority of human studies.

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