30 Best Pilates YouTube Workouts To Try At Home

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From Women'sHealth

These days I try to make sure every type of workout I do involves some abs exercises. And on the days when I really want to focus on strengthening my core, I'm torn between doing classic moves on the mat like crunches, or more full-body moves like planks, side-planks and twists. But when I want to get the most-challenging abs workout (you know, the one you'll still feel days later) I turn to Pilates. Why? For starters, Pilates is literally one of the most core-focused workouts out there (if you've ever been to a Pilates reformer class, you know what I mean). In fact, it's one of seven Pilates benefits you don't want to sleep on.

But when time, location, (or my wallet) prevents me from hitting up a Pilates class IRL, I prefer to get in a workout from home. The only problem? I don't have many Pilates moves memorized (and I like to switch things up and keep it interesting) so only doing the same three moves I can remember seems pretty boring.

So naturally, I turned to the internet for inspo (more specifically, YouTube). When you search "Pilates Abs Workouts" on platform, you'll find literally thousands of videos. And if you're anything like me, more options isn't necessarily a good thing. (Decision fatigue is real.) And if that isn't overwhelming enough, once you find a video that looks okay, how do you know if the workout is any good? And that's where the beauty of YouTube ratings and likes come in. All of the videos below are vetted for having at least 1K likes and most have over 50K views. Plus, all of them can be done anywhere, with no or little equipment (like a yoga mat.)

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